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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ready to get back to piecing!

but that is not in today's forecast! The attic space is coming together, one box at a time. I'm determined to go thru everything and get it organized. This task is building momentum on the thrill of getting to throw another empty box down the hole! Keeping it organized is going to require some discipline, maybe need to post a pic here every week to keep self accountable?

I got comments! Thanks to those with suggestions on the fabrics and the blog settings. I am making adjustments on the site as time permits...playing with the colors, maybe get a new template. Decisions, decisions. On the fabric, I'm just not comfortable with those huge charitable organizations; so the pondering continues and the accumulation of 'stuff to get shed of' gets larger. There is going to be a craft show at my local community center this Sat so I'm thinking 'I'll sell it there' and give to a local group collecting for Haiti. Will be good for me to get out of the house and meet our newly formed civic association folks. They need to know I have a longarm but do I have to tell them it is currently in a box? Isn't a 32 wk lead time normal?

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