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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Global Warming? Really?

This is what I thought was a lot of snow, considering we're near Houston.

Really glad I got the shot,

this won't last long....

hope the snow shows up in the pic.....

And I go on about my business and about an hour later ......

would you look at that. And they say we need to spend billions on research about global warming?

I'm having a hard time sewing too since I have window right above the machine.

Loving my 'Quilty' Life

I am so addicted to all the quilting blogs…I can’t stop surfing when every blog has incredible eye candy. Is there anything more fun than seeing all these incredible projects and getting the scoop from the artist, first hand? So inspiring too. And the selvages…let’s just say DH is worried about my mental health and not go there today, except to say that my little wallet caused a small ripple of it’s own in ‘blogland’ so how cool is that??? I sent a link to Kathy over at StudioKat and she said ‘I made her day’ so I’ve been on a natural ‘quilt high’ since my last post. Seriously folks, this stuff is addicting… connecting with Quilters all over the world, and networking, and forming new groups, with new projects to follow, and it’s ongoing, ….it boggles the (my) mind! And I’m just a beginner, an amateur at this blogging.  Ugh, I may be getting too old for this much excitement, or maybe I can call it exercise? Certainly gets the blood pumping so I’ll call it my ‘cardio’ workout;)
As for progress in my new ‘TMSR’ (temporary micro sewing room), I finished a simple, fall themed panel w/2 borders project one day and aside from the fact that the selvages have taken over, I am preparing for my BOM group that I teach. These two gals are so much fun…I must say that they are teaching me as much, or more than I am teaching them; the memories will be woven into the quilt, same as the thread. How could I not love my ‘quilty’ life? (Thank you Jeff, for putting up with me.) Teaching is challenging me to the point that I have committed to really learn that EQ5 program I invested in a few years ago. They came out with EQ6 just after I bought it and I have no doubt that EQ7 will arrive about the time I actually learn EQ5. Such is life, I am always playing ‘catch-up’.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Selvage Fun

Several months ago when I discovered 'The Selvage Blog' I have had a selvage wallet in mind. Here is what I came up with.
I have almost finished the binding on several of these adorable wallets. Tons of fun to make!
I moved the cc to where a checkbook will go so pic would show the checkbook or notepad pocket. They don't have a closure yet but not sure yet that one is necessary.
My design skills are limited; I searched out a free pattern on the web, made it, took it apart and then redesigned to be a complete clutch wallet, where the original only had cc pockets and a zipper pocket opposite, no fold. Here is where I found the original free pattern called a 'Cash-Keeper'.... StudioKat  If you love purses you will love this site! Check out Kathy's awesome purse patterns, follow her on Facebook or her blog! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life Marches On

It's been so long since I posted, it's hard to know where to start....Today is my birthday so it's a good day to get posting again! The Attic Studio has become my 'nest' so to speak & I'm working on a selvege project. If you know me you know that I can't do just one - have to do 3 or 4 of them, but they are small so here's the bait....I'll post pics tomorrow. (I took my prototype by a drapery shop last week. Both girls there want one and I have to make one for my DMIL so 4 is not too many...it is barely enough!)
My students started on our BOM last week. Here is a pic of me showing how to make those points meet on a pinwheel block. (Thank you Alex Anderson, your tips are so good I have to share them....."Alex Anderson said......')

The next pic is me showing Joan 'how to use a seam ripper'! Joan's block only lacked one seam when she had to leave. I am enjoying teaching this class so much, it's really expanding my horizons. Good thing eigh?

I traveled with DH/Royal Restrooms on Sat to Mardi Gras in Galveston. Thank me that I did not take any pics! Actually, he was working, 'attending' a high profile event & I chose to stay in the truck. The event was a private party in an elaborate tent set up over one city block, just off The Strand. I had a great view of everything going on at the party, on The Strand, and the streets of Galveston from my 'bubble' so to speak, from 8:30 PM until 2:AM. At one point there were 8 police vehicles within just a few feet of our truck so I was feeling safe enough to take a nap. Yeah, I'm a real party animal! Back to my nest to my selveges....