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Monday, January 18, 2010

Inventory & No Comments

The Webshots pics may leave the wrong impression on these fabrics, believe me when I tell you I sorted thru every yard and set aside the bad. Colorfastness (is that a word?) is a common issue with most hand dyed fabrics, we know to test and rinse, right???
I did inventory of bundles (of 8) only and came up with: 3 pks of 1/2 yd cuts (2 rose/1 blue); 15 FQ pks (6 rose/5 goldenrod/4 blue) & 20 pks of fat eighths (6 rose/4 goldenrod/10 blue). No one has offered any suggestions so I'm wondering if anyone is even reading my blog....so I added a counter.

E-Bay is doing a Haiti charity drive but can't find anything similar on Etsy? I could use some suggestions!


  1. Found you on Quilter Blogs and reading for first time. My suggestion, send the bad fabrics to someone who does nothing but charity quilting, such as a Linus organization. Make sure they know the fabrics bleed and that they will have to prewash fabrics, or wash quilts after made, and to expect some bleeding. Some people need quilts for warmth and could care less what they look like, and they probably never wash their clothes, let alone the blankets (quilts) they sleep on or under.
    PS, I got rid of my uglies making quilts for homeless people, they need warmth, not beauty.

  2. I read your blog through google reader, so I don't normally actually come to your page. It also is why I wouldn't normally comment. I just wanted to let you know that you may have more readers that your counter reflects because of those who are using a blog reader.

  3. Black background hard on eyes.

    Etsy does have something going on. If you scroll through quilterblogs, you'll find several links to it.

    Good luck with your efforts.

  4. I agree with previous comments. Donate the fabric to a charitable organization like the Linus project or COTS. I also agree that the black background is very stark and hard to read text. There's just too much contrast to make it easy on the eyes.
    I got to your blog through my google reader/quilt blogs.