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Saturday, January 16, 2010

WHAT was I thinking????????

This has to qualify for 'treasures' in Heaven! I'm TEMPORARILY giving up my studio space to DS Brandon since he will be home for up to 6 months B4 going for training w/the ANG. (Hey, it was over a year after he signed up while we were waiting for the USAF to finally take possession!) So, this is what downsizing looks like.....and you can't see any of the fabric stash. It is stacked in tubs to the left of the door...about 5' tall, 2 or 3 of them, give or take. DH said "you think all of that is going to go up there?'

I'm going from a room aprox 18 x 20 to an 8 x 8 attic space with a small closet; only half of that has head room enough to stand up straight. But, I'm still looking at the bright side.....I will focus on stash busting (duh) and see how many tops I can produce in that space and time! Big downer part is my nice Horn quilting cabinet will not fit thru the ladder hole so I'm improvising. The longarm machine and frame, the cabinet and likely more will go into storage until June, latest. Really cool part is...I get a studio makeover and can address some major issues like flooring, insulation and soundproofing from the street noise on the other side of that red door. I have Lois L. Hallock's ...Perfect Quilting Space so  maybe 'treasures' in Heaven was a bit of a stretch?

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  1. You may surprise yourself. I had some of my most productive time in a very small space. The real pain is having to store things. You will inevitably want something but can't find it because it's stored away.

    Having a son home for a while may be a blessing. Enjoy while you can.