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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh So Blessed!

Jeff and I have been on the road for 9 days w/stops in Memphis, Chicago, Upper Michigan, Grand Rapids and then like a horse for the barn to get back home. Our dear friends in Memphis live DT on the 14th floor overlooking the mighty Mississippi River and the I-40 bridge. When weather permits, nothing can sooth the soul like sitting on that balcony and watching the world go by. Chicago was 10 degrees w/25 mph winds - but grand-baby Gabriel is there so 'nuff said' - We spent an afternoon inside the mall and got the kids kitchen items so they are prepped to cook at home instead of eating fast food all the time! Christopher cooked a pork loin w/mashed potatoes the next night, now we know he knows how. It was awesome! Off to Kalkaska, MI. to pick up a trailer, where they had about 18" of snow on the ground and this is the picture I took looking out our window at the adjoining pool at the lodge where we spent the night. Pretty bizarre site for a southerner! Once we had the trailer hooked up we headed south for a very special meeting in Grand Rapids. DH met his 2 half brothers on the Nott side for the first time ever. We had a nice dinner w/Chris and his family on Fri night; Tim met us for breakfast the next AM, thus we could not get a pic of all 3 together but believe me when I say no DNA necessary - they all look so very much alike. Did I mention that it was snowing and there was 2" of snow on the ground on Sat morning? We traveled from Grand Rapids, MI. to Mt Vernon, IL. in snow and freezing temps all day but this was not our first time to do this so I was not scared at all! The rest of the trip was uneventful, but long and we made it home around 2 PM on Mon. Both of us hit the ground running in different directions to get caught up and ready for Christmas. This has been the theme of the week and continues as I type. Jeff is delivering a trailer, I am baking and cleaning. Brandon is home/out of the USAF but has joined the ANG and is working 2 P/T jobs; Melissa is working and going to school. My kids in GA are well and happy, the grand-baby girls growing so fast! They called while we were on the road and Blakely sounds so grown up! What a joy they are to me. We will have Jeff's bro John, Brandon, Melissa & Jesse coming Christmas day and maybe a bonfire in the backyard after dinner. No Christmas cards this year folks, just a sincere blog post with warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Backpacks for Christmas

I made these for my DGD's for Christmas this year (5 & 7) from the free online pattern provided by P&B Textiles found here http://www.pbtex.com/PBTex_CHLObakpak.pdf

I had to tweak since I am far away from my girls & needed to make the straps adjustable. I added a plastic strip to stabilize across the top back to attach buckles.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Will this WOW a teenager?

This is about 12" x 35" so I could not get all of it in the shot. Each side has a diff black/white print. It is a little stiff but I am going to wash and block,  really hope that shrinkage takes out the wave. I printed from Word, as large as would fit on the sheet, pinned the paper on, outlined the letters, removed the paper and colored in the lines.

No, I didn't spell her name wrong, that's what makes it so special!!! Christmas present for my BFF's 'almost' 16 yo daughter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not quite blog savvy yet

I would like to add some links to my blog....like who I'm following & one of those index lists that link to the blog. Technology got away from me a few years ago & now I'll never catch up! Guess you'll find me in the 'Help' area....
I made great progress on 2 little backpacks for my g-baby-girls, in pre-K & 2nd grade. I need to find some little girls to measure the straps & then secure them, or put a buckle on so they are adjustable?
Hubby says today is the day to do our 'formal' shopping so we are hitting the outlet mall & JCP. Oh, can't go to town without going to Hobby Lobby! Sounds like I'm finally getting into  'Christmas mode'.

Monday, November 30, 2009

After Thanksgiving Frenzy

The good news in my studio is, I finished a top that I started in 2006. It was a Jody Barrows pattern that went astray w/the help of yours truly, so it got set aside. The 2 different blocks are fairly intricate and were to be alternate blocks for a beautiful quilt but mine did not go together so well. I pieced the 16 intricate blocks to make a medallion and then sorta 'round robin-ed' from there w/limited BG fabric & the alternating blocks. I had to construct 2 additional blocks to have enough to balance & she turned out to be almost 100" square! The fun part is I made 2 'sausage pillowcases' (youtube search) with scraps & the binding. Decide on a backing & this one is ready to quilt! I've got it all neatly put away for now but will quilt it soon. Look for 'Bright Lights/Southern Nights', so named since the original pattern was 'southern' something & these blocks were pieced in a hotel room in Las Vegas during a fitness trade show Jeff was working.  
Next, I have to get Christmas done! 90% of our families are in other parts of the country so I have to get Christmas packages wrapped, labeled, packaged & shipped, usually by Dec 15th. We have a 10 day road trip commencing on or about Dec 10th this year so...OK, the Chicago pkg does not have to be shipped & I can get the new grandson a swingset or a trampoline! Yeah right! Better stick with a stuffed animal & a new outfit.....like a ninja suit! Much better than the monkey suit they put him in for halloween!
Any ideas for quick gift projects?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Won't be doing this again for a long time!

This pattern is by Lori Smith, 'From My Heart to Your Hands' called Golden Memories. I could not resist the sampler pattern in the fall colors. It has wool batting and if it ever gets the binding finished, it will go on my bed. This one was for me.

A Buck a Block Charity Quilt

I pieced the blocks but did not like them so Lois took the blocks and assembled the top. I quilted it & we are giving it to a charity.

A Very Special Quilt.....

These are vintage fabrics! The hearts were cut from hand pieced blocks by 'Granny' (currently 104 yrs. young) and appliqued onto plain blocks. This is a Christmas present from my dear friend Pam for her daughter, Jessica, Granny's great-grand daughter.


This is The Flintstones Quilt, pieced by Lois (my DMIL). This was waaayyyy a shock to the senses so I added the giant ric rak.

Something to Blog About...

I intrigued by this blogging thing.....I love reading other quilters blogs, what they are doing, some even have projects to share! Keeping up my own blog, that's another story. I'm hereby committing to post regularly and figure out how to ad a photo. If it works, here are a few recent quilts....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

50's Feeling Good

I have started at least 2 different websites, the first I abandoned because I realized my business name was so very similar to a quilter whom I admire very much and I found a different free host that promised to be easier. Maybe easier...but not easy enough. That is too much work and constant maintenance - keeps me from my important work - the quilting!!! So...I'm going to try this blogspot in hopes that it will be easier for me to maintain and use.