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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ready to get back to piecing!

but that is not in today's forecast! The attic space is coming together, one box at a time. I'm determined to go thru everything and get it organized. This task is building momentum on the thrill of getting to throw another empty box down the hole! Keeping it organized is going to require some discipline, maybe need to post a pic here every week to keep self accountable?

I got comments! Thanks to those with suggestions on the fabrics and the blog settings. I am making adjustments on the site as time permits...playing with the colors, maybe get a new template. Decisions, decisions. On the fabric, I'm just not comfortable with those huge charitable organizations; so the pondering continues and the accumulation of 'stuff to get shed of' gets larger. There is going to be a craft show at my local community center this Sat so I'm thinking 'I'll sell it there' and give to a local group collecting for Haiti. Will be good for me to get out of the house and meet our newly formed civic association folks. They need to know I have a longarm but do I have to tell them it is currently in a box? Isn't a 32 wk lead time normal?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Inventory & No Comments

The Webshots pics may leave the wrong impression on these fabrics, believe me when I tell you I sorted thru every yard and set aside the bad. Colorfastness (is that a word?) is a common issue with most hand dyed fabrics, we know to test and rinse, right???
I did inventory of bundles (of 8) only and came up with: 3 pks of 1/2 yd cuts (2 rose/1 blue); 15 FQ pks (6 rose/5 goldenrod/4 blue) & 20 pks of fat eighths (6 rose/4 goldenrod/10 blue). No one has offered any suggestions so I'm wondering if anyone is even reading my blog....so I added a counter.

E-Bay is doing a Haiti charity drive but can't find anything similar on Etsy? I could use some suggestions!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soliciting Ideas...and a fun picture search!

I have some hand-dyed fabric that I bought on E-Bay in '04 I think. Those of you who know me may know the story but those who don't - it was a nightmare! Pics are in my Webshots album 'Fabric Fiasco'. Webshots sends me a notice every week and lots of people look at these pics every week...this has been ongoing since I posted the pics. I am very curious as to why this is consistent and ongoing. I'm thinking that someone who teaches fabric dyeing is referencing the album ....and I think that is wonderful! I'm just curious, so if you have viewed these pictures prior to my referencing them here and now, please comment and tell me what lead you to the album the first time you viewed it. here is a link My Fabric Fiasco Webshots Album

OK, when I say I bought 'some' fabric {some = 240 yds + 30 yds replacement fabric}! Needless to say after going thru every bolt and tearing into fat qtrs, (the goldenrod obviously had issues) pressing, making FQ packs of 8 gradation, and selling a fraction at local quilt shows, I discovered that they were NOT colorfast, as the E-Bay description swore they were!  I listed some packs on E-Bay and donated packs to my guild & fellow quilters, etc. with the express knowledge that they ARE NOT COLORFAST! ....and I still have hundreds of FQ's. Just for fun, see if you can find them in the pic with "what was I thinking???" post. (Hint: it's near the Featherweight)

All of this said, with the ongoing downsizing project, Haiti in the news, my interest in this blogging, which I am enjoying way too much, - I want to use this fabric I need to be shed of, but I am not sure how many I have or how exactly to go about it so I'm going to get back to work, calculate how many I have and ponder how to use this fabric to help in Haiti. They are not going upstairs with me....it is time to let them go. I have an Etsy account.....hmm.
Top assembled from these fabrics in 2005 ....ask me where I found that fabric that incorporated those same 3 colors!

Any ideas fellow quilting blog enthusiasts? I'm not the marketing guru some of you are so please give me your ideas!

Ahh HA! Whoo Hoo! Yeee Haaa!

I finally figured out how to post HTML to the sidebar! Ain't technology wonderful?....when it works!!!
The attic space is beginning to look quite cozy with all the thread and ruler racks, stash is stacked high in the closet. DH cut my pegboard to fit and attached it to the wall and then installed a fluorescent light above my cutting table. There's still lots to do but Brando could have a bed in place by Sun night......but it is going to take some effort on his part....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

WHAT was I thinking????????

This has to qualify for 'treasures' in Heaven! I'm TEMPORARILY giving up my studio space to DS Brandon since he will be home for up to 6 months B4 going for training w/the ANG. (Hey, it was over a year after he signed up while we were waiting for the USAF to finally take possession!) So, this is what downsizing looks like.....and you can't see any of the fabric stash. It is stacked in tubs to the left of the door...about 5' tall, 2 or 3 of them, give or take. DH said "you think all of that is going to go up there?'

I'm going from a room aprox 18 x 20 to an 8 x 8 attic space with a small closet; only half of that has head room enough to stand up straight. But, I'm still looking at the bright side.....I will focus on stash busting (duh) and see how many tops I can produce in that space and time! Big downer part is my nice Horn quilting cabinet will not fit thru the ladder hole so I'm improvising. The longarm machine and frame, the cabinet and likely more will go into storage until June, latest. Really cool part is...I get a studio makeover and can address some major issues like flooring, insulation and soundproofing from the street noise on the other side of that red door. I have Lois L. Hallock's ...Perfect Quilting Space so  maybe 'treasures' in Heaven was a bit of a stretch?