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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Airing of the Quilts

If you happened to be in Huntsville, TX. on the first Sat. in May, of any given year....you are truly in for a treat! Even if you don't particularly get excited about quilts, you can't possibly resist this display of color!
Despite the threat of rain, volunteers arrive at 7AM to begin hanging the quilts.
This one caught my eye from a block away. 'To Grandma's House' by Helen Belcher. Helen has always been a big fan of redwork but now she has moved on to black. I love it Helen, in any color!
Check out this quilt called 'Fireman's Pride', made for Houston Firefighter Captain Don Gray from shirts worn during his years of service, received upon his retirement. Made by Pam Boyle.
The photo didn't catch the number of this entry so I do not know who made it but WOW! Love your boldness with the sashing/border colors!
Last, but my favorite of all is this hand embroidered beauty. The embroidered blocks were a gift (can you believe it?) to Charlene Foerster, who assembled the blocks in order of admission to the Union. Really beautiful Charlene. Bug, are you seeing this?

I only got a few shots, so to experience this, mark your calendar for the first Sat. in May, you want to be in downtown Huntsville, TX. More pics should be on the website in a few days, (takes them a few to recover) so visit the Tall Pines Quilt Guild for more....

And look who arrived at my house yesterday......

I gotta go play now, Gabriel is up and feed and ready for his first full day at Grandma's House!

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing the quilts...the redwork..er "black work" caught my eye...and of course , the embroidered flowers...two crafts merged into one...can't help but be gorgeous. Thanks for posting..