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Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Gardening Than Quilting….

I'm quite proud of my little garden, even if I will have to spend a big part of the summer in the chiropractor's office. Wonder if he will take squash for payment? Don't laugh, we're getting there! I won't go off on politics, I'll leave that to DH....anything to keep him out of my sewing room!

These amaryllis's all came from my Aunt Nelda's yard when she passed away 4-5 yrs ago. I brought them home and stuck them in the ground, have never done anything else to them. the white-ish with red one has more than 20 blooms on it now and 6-8 more buds.

One of the stems was laying over from the weight of them all so I tried to 'prop' it up and snapped at the ground. I took the shot next to a bar stool for posterity! Fresh flowers in my house? Is company coming? Well, yes, in-laws, outlaws, kids and grandkids! The flowers were not my idea, that was God's doing!

Hello Hattie! (my mom) This is her Christmas Cactus, still in the same pot it was in when she died 12+ yrs ago. I have pinched and rooted dozens more from it and it never gives up, even this past winter when almost all if my cacti literally froze, even in the shed, with a droplight for heat. We rarely get below 20 degrees here and if so, it is only for a few hours but we had about 48 hrs of below freezing in Jan.

Here is what is left of Hattie's Bird of Paradise; she had it in a half whiskey barrel and moved it in and out every year - not me! I put it in the ground under a tree when we bought this house 8 yrs ago. I has not really grown any larger since it was really root bound and impossible to pull the roots apart when we set it out. It has a dozen or so blooms every year but has never done what is should. Sorry Mom, maybe this will help?

It covered this entire area of dirt B4 so this is a major trim. Look what I found while gardening in my flip flops! Picture definitely tells a story. I'm wondering where his momma and siblings are?

One more pic, cause this IS a quilting blog....

PS: the 'golden' machine is still in the shop with no call from them so what little sewing that is happening is happening on my classic Elna Stella. This is a 30+ yr old gem for traveling, only weighs 11 lbs and, unlike a Featherweight, has a zig zag stitch!

Hope you enjoyed your little tour of my backyard! Happy Spring!

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