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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Selvage surprise!

My dear friend Jane sent me this gift she found at a trade days/flea market about a year or so ago and in my recent 'cleaning/organizing project', it has surfaced from the depths of quilt storage. I was not up to  actually starting on the work that this baby needs but thought a good 'airing' would be nice and I could make notes on exactly what needs to be done. Maybe an appraisal?
The batting is cotton wadding! The hand quilting is giant baptist fans, one of my fav quilting designs!

Imagine my excitement when I found not one but TWO selvages!

The giant prints appear to be decorator fabrics, very thick; some of the center blocks are pieced in crazy patch style and then large strips were used to 'get er done'; definitely my kind of quilter. The back is a very sturdy (and dirty) muslin. The majority of the wear and tear is around the binding and on the edges. I would love to restore this baby but what a project! Washing it in the tub is the only option I know of but with that batting, I doubt I would be able to lift it out of the tub once wet. Anyone out there ever taken on a restoration project? Any tips or websites? The selvage nut in me is screaming "take it apart and check out the selvages, you know they are there"!

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  1. What a great quilt! It makes me curious to see what other selvages are in there too. But that's like cutting down a nice tree to see how old it is. :) Haha.

    I have a quilt with old cotton batting (it has seeds in it). I washed and dried it in the machine and it came out kind of lumpy. Same thing happened with my sister's old quilts.

    I don't consider the quilts destroyed, though. Just a little lumpy. But they're clean. I'm curious to read what other quilters suggest.