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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For someone who never had any kids,

I sure do seem to have at least one around much of the time. Currently it is one who needed a tender kick it the arsss, and true to form, I delivered. Suddenly, after 7 days of having my car displaced from the garage due to shipment of his stuff from Korea, it only took him about an hour to move it all! At least he didn't take all his crap stuff and go down the road like the last one did when I had similar issues. I told him he better act like he appreciated all the trouble we are going to - even if he dosen't! Well, I feel better now, I've pitched my mini fit and I can go crawl back up in my cubby hole for a few hours b4 bed. Oh, and, I'm on for the local craft show Sat. I'm selling these fq packs (2 yds) of hand dyed gradations for $15. (+ $5. USPS Priority mail) if any blog readers are interested.

All proceeds will go to Real Hope for Haiti a rescue center already established in Haiti. Still getting everything organized in the attic....as life allows.  -Wanda

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